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This is Michael Bernardi's Home Page. An index to material I have written and enjoyed. It is purely personal and is mostly informational. There are few flash graphics or sounds.

[@] Pegasus Mail Addons Guide - This provides links to various software relating to David Harris's Pegasus Mail program.

[@] Just the FAQs - The Demon Internet Services - Meta FAQ and various other FAQs are now found here.

[@] My DOS Internet pages - Being a list of stuff relating to using DOS applications on the Internet.

[@] Demon Linux Links - Links to pages to help Demonites setup Linux. May be helpful to other linux users.

[@] Dendarii Books - Buy your books from, and

[@] The Bujold Nexus - The Lois McMaster Bujold home page, for information about an excellent author and her work. The main site is found at

[@] The Bujold Overflow Site - Extra Bujold related material which has overflowed from the main site. This includes Cover Art and fan produced Fiction, Artworks and Filk. Also a copy of The Bujold Nexus as it was originally back in May 1996.

[@] Read Wrede - A few pages on fantasy author Patricia C Wrede.

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