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These sites contain information with some connection to Pat.

The following Scribblies (writer's group) have Web pages
Emma Bull
Will Shetterly
Pamela Dean
Steven Brust

All twenty-six pages of her Worldbuilding Questions from posts made a couple of years ago on the Fidonet Writing echo. Now at the SFWA site.

Lois McMaster Bujold has dedicated two of her books to Pat. She in return has dedicated "Magician's Ward" to Lois.

The Enchanted Chocolate Pot is a page of information on Caroline Stevermer Pat's co-author of Sorcery and Cecelia. With a little addition info on Pat and links to this site.
also links to other authors including Pat Wrede.

Review of The Raven Ring.

Other links will be added as they are discovered.

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