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18 Mar 2009
Pat has finally got an official web page! It's at

7 Jul 2004
THE GRAND TOUR will be out in hardcover from Harcourt in September, and the paperback of SORCERY AND CECELIA sometime before Christmas, [both with Caroline Stevermer]. I'm currently working on the middle-school novelization of the third Star Wars movie-to-be and doing some research for other pending projects.

20 Dec 2001
Caroline Stevermer and I have just made a deal with Harcourt to reissue SORCERY AND CECELIA, probably in hardcover, spring 2003, followed by a sequel (tentatively titled THE GRAND TOUR), six to twelve months later. I'm told we'll see contracts sometime in January, so I think you can add it to your news, if you want.

I'm was GOH at Roc*Kon (May 5-7 2000); the current ad/website is Not a terribly good picture, but adequate for their purposes...

The next thing out will be in May 99; I did the CHILDREN'S MIDDLE-GRADE novelization of the new "Star Wars" movie, "The Phantom Menace." The book should be out from Scholastic around the time the movie opens. If you're going to put it up on the site, please be clear; Terry Brooks did the "big" adult novelization that will be getting most of the tie-in publicity, and I wouldn't like people to be confused.

About the only thing I'm allowed to say about it is "It's going to be a really good movie."

Someday I may do a 5th book, in the Enchanted Forest series, but not for a long time, probably. "Magician's Ward," (a follow-up to "Mareilon the Magician") on the other hand, comes out in November 97 in hard cover. It picks up a year later, with Kim and Mairelon back in London, dealing with his officious aunt, tea parties, balls, burglars (both competent and in), vast numbers of wizards (upper class, lower class, and French...), and other things too many to mention. Books play an important role in the plot.

"Shadows Over Lyra" is Tor's three-in-one-volume reissue of the first three Lyra novels: "Shadow Magic," "Daughter of Witches," and "The Harp of Imach Thyssell." They have been very slightly revised for this printing -- just a wash-and-brush, basically. There is an afterward containing previously unpublished information about Lyran history and background, some of which is even accurate. :)

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Both the above books appeared in November 1997.

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