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This electronic archive contains copies of "The Dendarii Dispatch" and other documentation sent to members of Miles Minions the Lois McMaster Bujold Fan Club. For details of how to join Miles Minions see the Fact Sheet.

[@] Issue Vol I No 1 of the Dendarii Dispatch

[@] Issue Vol I No 2 of the Dendarii Dispatch

[@] Issue Vol I No 3 of the Dendarii Dispatch This edition only available on the Net

[@] Issue Vol II No 1 of the Dendarii Dispatch

[@] Miles Minions Fact Sheet

[@] The Bujold Nexus

The Dendarii Dispatch will only appear on the net four months after it has been sent to subscribers.
All the texts refered to here were designed for reproduction on paper and not on the web. These copies attempt to reproduce the original paper versions and so may not be as web friendly as other sites.

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